Criminal Law Precedents

This is intended to be a small collection of precedents used by practitioners in criminal law. Obviously at this stage this page is very much a work in progress. Under Part 1 rule 11 of the Supreme Court Rules, and rule 47.2 of the District Court Rules, forms prescribed under the Civil Procedure Act may be used in criminal proceedings. A set of these forms can be found here. It follows that the forms for notices of motion, affidavits and subpoenae in the Supreme Court are essentially the same as in the District Court.

Legal Aid Application Form

Request for Particulars

Alibi Notice [to be used with extreme caution]

Judge Alone Election

Withdrawal of Judge Alone Election

District Court Notice of Motion

District Court Affidavit

District Court Subpoena to Give Evidence

District Court Subpoena to Produce

Schedule to Subpoena to Produce served on Commissioner of Police

Certificate Under Section 6A Suitors Fund


Defence Response to Prosecution Case

Notice of Intention to Adduce Evidence of Substantial Impairment

Notice of Appeal to Court of Criminal Appeal

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