Schedule to Subpoena to Commissioner of Police


1/. All documents relating to the investigation of the armed robbery allegedly committed by Fred Bloggs and others on the National Australia Bank at Phillip Street Sydney on or about 1 April 1990 including:

(a) all running sheets and surveillance running sheets

(b) all occurrence pad entries

(c) all criminal incident reports, police incident reports, intelligence reports, crime information reports and Computerised Operational Policing System event entries

(d) all statements and reports made to or by police

(e) all police notebooks

(f) all police duty books

(g) all handwritten notes made by police

(h) all photographs, sketch plans and videotapes

(i) all exhibit book entries

(j) any fact sheets

(k) any documents or copies of documents in the possession of the police purporting to be letters to or from the accused

(l) all prisoner property records, dockets, and entries

(m) all charge sheets and charge books

(n) on line-custody records

(o) all records of police broadcasts including police radio logs

(p) all search warrants, applications for search warrants, and copies of reports relating to the search of premises at 67a Johnston Street Annandale

2/. all criminal histories and criminal intelligence reports ( not limited to the investigation referred to in the preceding paragraph) as to the following persons:

(a) Joe Bloggs (born 1/1/70)


Officer in charge: Detective Fred Smith, Redfern Detectives