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Foundation Law: Other Court Lists

General Legal Research Databases for Australian Legislation and Case law

By far the best place to look for Australian legislation and case law is Austlii.



Public Defenders' Sentencing Tables


Papers on Criminal Law

Papers from Public Defenders' Conferences

Mark Dennis' Criminal CPD

Specific Case law Databases

High Court Cases 1947-

NSW Court of Criminal Appeal 1999-

NSW Court of Appeal 1999-

NSW Supreme Court 1999-

Some Frequently Used Legislation

Bail Act (2013)

Crimes Act

Summary Offences Act

Criminal Procedure Act

Evidence Act

Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act

Criminal Appeal Act

Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act

Customs Act

Commonwealth Crimes Act

Reports on the Evidence Act

ALRC Report No. 26: Evidence (interim) (1985)

ALRC Report No. 38: Evidence (1987)

The Bench Book On-Line

Judicial Commission's Bench Book On-Line

Some Institutions

Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales

Legal Aid Grants Online

Public Defenders

NSW Bar Association

NSW Bar Association Find a Barrister

Law Society of NSW

Law Society Members' Directory

High Court of Australia

NSW Police 'Code of Practice'


Commonwealth DPP

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Australian Law Reform Commission


Irving Youger's 10 Rules of Cross-Examination

Some Interstate Sites

It is normally easier to search for interstate cases and legislation using Austlii, but here are alternative sources.


Queensland Supreme Court

Queensland Legislation (from Office of Parliamentary Counsel)


Tasmanian Legislation


Victorian Legislation

South Australia

South Australian legislation

Western Australia

Western Australian Legislation

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Supreme Court

Northern Territory Legislation

Some Overseas Sites

United Kingdom

UK House of Lords (1996-

BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)

UK Statutes

New Zealand

NZ Statutes

New Zealand Court of Appeal 1998-

New Zealand Ministry of Justice


Canadian Department of Justice (statutes)

Supreme Court of Canada Judgments (1989-

Duhaime's Canadian Criminal Law Centre

Hong Kong

Hong Kong 'BLIS' ('Bilingual Information Service')

United States

United States Legislation

United States Supreme Court (through Cornell University) (1990-

Travel Sites



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